Science is fiction is a rock band from Calgary, Alberta. Pavan (lead vocals, guitar) and Kirk (guitar, vocals) started writing and recording songs together as teenagers in their parent’s basements eventually garnering a small (some would say close to non-existent) following in seedy geocities type chat rooms in the early 2000’s under the name “Feeling Good”. After being dubbed the 2nd best band to come out of the Stensrud basement, Feeling Good broke up only to re-form and emerge as a downtown jam band playing covers of old Feeling Good favorites under the guise of the band formerly known as Feeling Good.

Having major struggles to find a 3rd guitarist, the band formerly known as Feeling Good would split in 2010 with Pavan moving to Europe to pursue other opportunities of playing by himself to no one in an apartment in Amsterdam while Kirk pursued a “real” career back in Calgary.

A few years later Pavan would move back to Calgary and reunite with Kirk to form a new project using much of the new material Pavan had been working on while in Europe. After realizing they did not need a 3rd guitarist, they recruited friend Matt Anderson on drums and eventually moved out of the basement into the local skate shack. This is where they would add local bass legend Blair Lipkind (formerly of Moyo Combo fame) to round out the 4 piece.

The results were songs drawing on their love of 60’s rock, 70s power pop and 90’s indie packed with simple, but infectious riffs and melodies. They recently recorded a four-song EP,  mixed by Lorrie Matheson which will be released in the summer of 2019.